Why We Believe It Is Needed

Would you agree you spend more time at your workplace than you do at home with your family?

Do you agree the current bereavement time allowed with most employers and state agencies is not efficient enough at 3 days no matter the tragedy suffered?

Do you believe that there needs to be a safety net that protects you in those most crucial moments in life?

Do you feel there should be a place for people to go that gives that TIME needed to process, grieve, cope and gain that support needed when tragedy strikes?

If you answered yes to these then why do we accept how it is handled?! We Don't and here is why…

Now why do we believe that it will take a certain atmosphere and program to truly accomplish a need that is so desperately needed?! We get told to start small but in truth this has to be built the right way to truly help people in those crucial moments. Why? Because there has to be a place surrounded by peace, nature, water, and with zero distractions. Think about it...We go on vacations to places that we want to provide those very things in life, so we feel it is crucial to have those natural elements surrounding you when you are faced with a devastating tragedy!

There has to be a judgement free place away from all the white noise that we face daily. We are overwhelmed daily by the pressures of society, ourselves, family, social networks and so much more. So taking you out of that and putting you in a place like The Reset Foundation is trying to build and give you that time and support will absolutely make changes that will last ones lifetime.

Everything in our lives is dictated by our mental health which we are hearing more and more people trying to raise awareness for. People confuse mental health with mental illness and think there is something wrong with themselves when talking about their mental health. That could be furthest from the truth! Mental Health is just as important as keeping a healthy heart. With our world getting faster and faster and everything being rushed, it is causing mental health to be harder and harder to maintain. There has to be a safety net built!

When tragedy strikes there are few options out there to protect the life you had before the tragedy. Corporations are not going to be there for you even though you spend most of your working life with them over your family. If they did they would pay for more than 3 days! We will fight to get them to step up when a terrible tragedy strikes because that is what is right! We give most our lives to our workplace and it is often an extension of family. We are determined to bring the basics of life back to our society and raise the awareness we are all in this together no matter our backgrounds!

We ALL want to be cared for. We ALL want to be loved. We ALL want to belong in some way! We ALL are connected in many ways and need to realize standing TOGETHER will be one of the only things that will save our world for our future leaders!