The Reset Center

The Reset Center will be built through donations and grants. We are creating a place where TIME is on your side during one of the most crucial moments in someone's life. We will provide the time needed to grieve, heal, and go back into your life "Reset" and ready to move forward. Meantime the goal is to make sure your job, home, and life you had doesn't crumble around you while you take the time needed to process.

Fundraising has started for this movement of Life and the Reset Center to be built. We are raising the donations needed to purchase a large amount of land to put the Reset Center on in the middle of peace and tranquility. It's a high mountain to climb but one we feel will make a difference and must exist!

We will push for the foundation to build a safety net for everyone and to protect one of the most crucial elements in life....Compassion and Mental Health.


We need a place to be protected in our weakest moments and get the compassion, support, friendship, and help needed without a price tag attached.

With this initiative, and with access to the right resources, people can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to go back into their life they didn't want, but forced to accept. We will allow anyone the time needed to grief and heal from a devastating tragedy.


Our Military

At The Reset Foundation, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in addressing the issue of....

We admittedly, tear down a human being, to build a soldier! That is what must be done to survive in war.

Why do we not have a Boot Camp for Humanity, where we take in our soldiers and rebuild the human inside to help adjust from a soldier world back to a civilian one?.

This question will be answered by The Reset Foundation, and we will push to become part of a check out process for every soldier that serves and makes the ultimate sacrifices. WE WILL HELP AND SUPPORT THEM!


The Reset Foundation Gear

Check out RnR Threads for latest designs and show your support that you believe in what we are trying to achieve!

Reset yourself the right way! ​

We believe in truly making a change and making it one selfless act at a time!